School Trip Program
Fujiyama JLS support One of the Most Memorable Memories of School Life
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The School Trip Program is

designed to host groups from overseas universities, high schools, junior high schools and Japanese language schools etc..




We can accommodate various requests for program start date, duration,

and activity content (Japanese lessons, extracurricular activities, etc.).

School Trip Programは、海外の大学、高校、中学校、日本語学校などのグループを受け入れるためのプログラムです。






You can also use this program as part of a Japan trip

to e.g. Kyoto or Hokkaido.

Traveling is twice as much fun if you know a few words!
NB. Travel arrangements are not made.

注. 旅行の手配は行っておりません。






Examples to date 

Taiwan college students for 1 month

Program Overview
  • Duration・・・ one month
  • Contents   ‐ Japanese language lessons  ‐ work experience(at a Coffee shop, a Hotel, a Campsite)  ‐ Japanese culture experience such as dressing Kimono, Fuji jungle walk and so on…
  • Accommodation  ‐ Student dormitory shared for about 3 to 4 students  ‐ Free Wi-Fi  ‐ Perfect Mt.Fuji view
  • Other Services included in the fee  ‐ Packed lunch (weekdays only)  ‐ Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Fee  220,000 yen/person including everything above!
      The college to which they belonged received a government grant to study abroad, which was a small burden for the students. Envy of you!
Fifteen students from Taiwan arrived in February, the coldest month of the year. From the windows of the dormitory, they could clearly see snow-white Mt. Fuji! They are learning Japanese in Taiwan too, and it seemed to be a good opportunity for them to try their Japanese language skilled. They worked hard during the program, both in their studies and in their work experience. And anyway, they went home having enjoyed themselves. Some went to Tokyo for the weekend, some went to an onsen (hot spring), some went to Osaka, and some went skiing. Also, during the winter, we could see the annual winter fireworks at Lake Kawaguchi very well. The students also did their best in their work experience in unfamiliar jobs, and were very well received by their workplaces. Some of them were even headhunted. It might be a good idea to work in Japan after graduating from the college.

Indonesian teachers and their families for 10 days

Program Overview
  • Duration・・・ 10 DAYS
  • Contents  1.Travel Japanese Lessons 2.Cultural experience such as Mt. Fuji tour, T-shirt, calligraphy, cooking experience, etc.
  • Accommodation  Accommodation in Fujiyama JLS dormitory ‐ Free Wi-Fi ‐ Perfect Mt.Fuji view
  • Other Services included in the fee   ‐ Airport pick-up
      Using the Japanese they learned in class, they made a reservation for the highway bus. After the program, they went to Tokyo by the bus and went to Disneyland and other places.
  • Fee 80,000 yen/person including everything above!
Anyway, it was a lively group. They sometimes contacts us saying that it was a trip she will never forget for the rest of her life. We had a lot of fun too.

Thai high school students for 2 Hours

Program Overview
  • Duration・・・ 2 hours
  • Contents – Travel Japanese Lessons 
  • Accommodation Stay at a hotel near Fujiyama JLS Accommodation is not included in the prorogurumu fee.
      After the Japanese lesson, the students went sightseeing in Tokyo.
  • Other Services included in the fee   ‐ Tea-party with Fujiyama JLS’s students.
      Chance to ask people about the joys and difficulties of living abroad.
  • Fee 5,000 yen/person including everything above!
Participating high school students and Fujiyama’s long-term course students were chatting happily. Is it difficult to study abroad? Do you have a part time job? Do you have a Japanese lover? etc.





Stand up paddle board

Walk the Fuji shrine 

Sake brewery tour

Tea ceremony Experience

Chatting with local Japanese while eating sweets

Kimono experience

Kendo experience



Fujiyama JLS’s Student dormitories

Electricity, Water, Gas, and WIFI  Included



When the dormitory is not available (for those who do not use the dormitory),

we will introduce several accommodations near by Fujiyama JLS.


How to join 


Reservations are very busy at certain times of the year.

Please let us know what you would like to do.

We will listen to your requests and provide an estimate.








Download the leaflet


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TEL +81–555-83-5234 (From overseas) 
   0555–83–5234 (From Japan)
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