Inviting Bachelor graduates who are keen to work at “Travel and Tourism Industry”
or want to start their own business in the future.
We offer intensive and comprehensive Japanese language courses
to fulfill your future career dream!
  • Why Travel and Tourism Industry?

    Why Travel and Tourism Industry?

    Tourism industry is an industry that conveys the attraction of the region or of the country. It is an industry, which is motivated to serve people and give pleasure. Tourism industry is a very wide industry. It includes many types of business and services such as hotels, souvenirs manufacturing or selling businesses, travel agencies, transportation business, tour guides, interpreters and etc.
    The Japanese word “Omotenashi” means hospitality. Japan has the culture of Omotenashi, where guests are served and entertained wholeheartedly. The Japanese hospitality knowledge and skills earned here, will be one of the valuable assets, useful throughout lifetime.

  • Why for Bachelor Graduates?

    Why for Bachelor Graduates?

    One of the criteria to obtain a working visa in Japan; one must be a (4-year) university graduate from a Japanese university or a foreign university. 3-year university graduate or a vocational college graduate can also get the working visa but 4-year university graduates are given more priority and have better opportunities.
    For sure, studying first at FJLS and going for higher studies in college / university in Japan and graduate, is also one-way to get a job in Japan. However, if the students are a degree holder already, then they can save time and reduce the economic burden.

3 main reasons behind choosing FJLS

1Career in Travel and Tourism Industry

FJLS is located at the foothills of Mt. Fuji, a World Heritage site. This place is a popular tourist destination, surrounded with many hotels and hospitality business, increasing the opportunities for students to find part-time jobs. Also, this region has good access to Tokyo.
More importantly, Astage Inc. a human resource company specializing in the field of travel and tourism is the parent company of Fujiyama JLS. Therefore, we promise to support and assist our students for their future career path.

2Strategic Course Design

FJLS has the strategic curriculum designed to acquire JLPT N2 Level. Although, JLPT N1 is the highest level, has more valuable and compulsory to get admission in national universities or graduate school. However, to acquire it, the learning pace must be set high, remembering too many things in a day, which is a big burden for students. This can also give students mental stress, especially for students who are tired from part-time job and don’t have time enough time to study.
At our school, with our appropriate program, teaching technique and support, we aim all our students to pass JLPT N2 level. It is a standard Japanese language requirement in most of the travel and tourism industry.

3A Reasonable Tuition Fee

The tuition fee of FJLS is reasonable because the buildings and dormitories of FJLS are owned by FJLS itself. Whereas, most of the Japanese language schools in bigger cities such as Tokyo and Osaka are rented and the rent influences the tuition fee automatically. Even if the property is self-owned by the schools in bigger cities the high-price of the real state (investment of school) plays indirectly role in making the school fee expensive.
Further more our school is located in a city where living cost is cheaper 10% to 20% than Tokyo or any other bigger cities.

Common cases occurred while studying abroad…
  • High tuition, high rent, waste too much money on smartphone
  • Working at late night shifts because of high- pay rate 
  • Lack of sleep . tiredness . decreased motivation
  • Sleeping in class . absent in class
  • Japanese language level will not progress
    • can not decide or plan what next after graduating
    • back to home-country
Studying in Japan is expensive. It is like buying an expensive asset. If you do not wish to study abroad, you could purchase a good car too but if you study at Fujiyama JLS, you can achieve a far better asset than a car. “Fujiyama JLS” will provide you the path towards a brighter future.

Gallery & J-Culture

デイキャンプ Day camp

       私たちの学校は、7月22日に西湖のほとりで、デイキャンプを行いました。 Watashitachi no gakkoo wa 7 gatu 22 nichi ni saiko no hotori de deikyanpu o okonaimashita Our school had a day camp  on July 22 near the lake of Saiko.   お寿司を作ったり、バーベキューしたり、食後は湖畔の散歩や縄跳び、バドミントン、ステージで新入生がウクレレをひきながら日本の歌を歌ってくれました。 Osushi o tukuttari baabekyuu shitari, syokugo wa kohan no sanpo ya nawatobi  batominton suteeji de shinnyuusee ga ukurere  o hikinagara  nihon no uta o utatte kuremashita. We cooked…

Field work in spring 2020

今日は教室を出て、外で授業をしました。 今まで勉強した日本語を使って様々なことにチャレンジしてみました。 いつも話す人以外と会話をするのは緊張しますが、日本語を使って日本人と話すことができればとても自信がつきます。 ふじやま国際学院では、日本語の知識をただ学ぶだけではなく、実際に使って日本語の運用力をきたえることも重視しています。 Today, we leave classroom and lesson in outside. Tried various things using the Japanese that have studied so far. Talking with people other than the usual one is tense, but if you can speak Japanese you can be very confident.

雨でも富士山 Fuji even in the rain

学校は、およそ標高800mの位置にあり、すぐ後ろは富士山です。 The school is located at an altitude of about 800m, and Mt. Fuji is just behind us. それでも雨が降ると、富士山は雲に隠れ、見えない時があります。 However, when it rains, Mt. Fuji may be hidden under the clouds and invisible. そんな時は、ふじやま国際学院に来てはどうですか? At that time, why not come to Fujiyama Japanese Language School? 観光に来たけど、雨で当初の予定ができない。。。 そんな時でも、観光客のための90分日本語クラス、忘れられない経験になること、請け合いです。 We are offering a 90 min Japanese program for tourists and we promise that it…

これから働き始める方へ ”For those who start working from now on”

“For those who start working from now on” 『 これから働き始める方へ 』 Fujiyama JLS has a curriculum that is perfect for those who want to build a career from now on. ふじやま国際学院は、これから働きはじめ、コミュニケーションを武器に キャリアを積みたい方に最適なカリキュラムがあります。    It is completely different from the traditional Japanese language school. それは従来の日本語学校とはまったく異なるものです。     1) Language knowledge: Knowledge of Japanese vocabulary and grammar 1)言語知識…日本語の語彙や文法の知識 Many Japanese schools have traditionally focused…

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