To fulfill your future career dream!   
To Enjoy life in Japan!
  • Long term course

    Recommended for those

     who want to build a career in Japan.


    1)2-year Course

    2)1-year and 6-month Course

    3)1-year Course


      Your current level of Japanese
    +  Course duration @ Fujiyama JLS

         “ Your next career ”

    If you are planning to enter a high level university or have a high level career plan, we recommend you to take a longer course.

  • Monday to Friday Program
    Starts every Monday 

    Welcome to the world-famous tourist spot! ​

    You can learn how to communicate to make your trip more

    enjoyable while enjoying sightseeing at the foot of Fuji.


    School Trip Program

    Ideal for group of stuy trip! 

    Duration:  from a few days to several months

    Number of people: around 10 to 20

    In addition to Japanese language study, we can also arrange cultural activities and work experiences !

3 main reasons behind choosing FJLS

1The Best Japanese Study Experience

We have well-trained Japanese language teachers and both Japanese and global staff who have lived in Japan for a long time. All of us have a lot of experience in studying and living abroad, and we know firsthand how fun and difficult it can be. Fujiyama JLS’s staff will provide you with the best study abroad experience!

Objective proof of Japanese language proficiency

Fujiyama JLS. provide practical and authentic Japanese language lessons that is useful for living, working, and traveling in Japanese society. On the other hand, we also provide good preparation forJLPT; Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Your Goals and Recommended Courses
  • JLPT N2・・・2-Year Course
      For those who are aiming to enter a university or a well-known vocational school, recommend to aim for JLPT N2 Level.
  • JLPT N3・・・1-Year & 6-Month Course
      For those who are aiming to get a job on a SSW visa or enter a vocational school, recommend to aim for JLPT N3 Level.
  • JLPT N4 or Japanese test for SSW visa・・・1-Year Course
      SSW; Specific skilled work visa
The recommended course is for learners who are at the very beginner level at the time of taking the course, and who proceed with their studies without difficulty. If you have a certain level of Japanese language ability before enrolling in the course, your achievement period will be shorter. Also, if you actively use Japanese outside of the classroom, of course, your achievement point will be higher.

35-Star Career Support

Fujiyama JLS. is ideal for those who aim to find employment in Japan. Fujiyama JLS. also have a strong support system for students who wish to enter universities or vocational schools.

The following are the skills needed for employment.
  • Objective proof of Japanese language proficiency for visa application(Example JLPT)
  • Japanese language proficiency skills to be tested at job interviews
     The job interview tests are not about the “amount of knowledge” you have, but about what you can actually do in Japanese.
     There are classes to prepare for the interview exam.
     The principal of Fujiyama JLS. is so well versed in career support that he has written a textbook on job interviews.
     In class, you will learn how to think in short, to-the-point answers, how to speak formally, how to listen accurately, and how to rescue yourself if you don’t understand.
       ”Shadowing Let’s speak Japanese Job Interview Edition” by Hitoshi SAITO (Author) 
  • Encounters with companies
       In order to work in a good environment, you need to meet the right people, the right company.
       And in order for foreigners to work in Japan, they need to change their visa.
       Fujiyama JLS. is a very unique Japanese language school that can fully support such good encounters and procedures.
Fujiyama JLS. is the educational division of ASTAGE Inc. As a human resources company, Astage Inc. has been providing employment opportunities to many people for about 20 years. Astage Inc. is specialist in connecting companies and people. In the classes, Astage Inc. staff members give special lectures to support and give guidance for job interviews from a professional perspective. In addition, Astage Inc. is a registered support organization for specific skills, so we can directly support students in finding employment.


1791-5, Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi, Japan. Postcode 401-0301

〒401-0301 山梨県南都留郡富士河口湖町船津1791-5

TEL +81–555-83-5234 (From overseas) 
   0555–83–5234 (From Japan)
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