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A popular topic(よく出る話題):Blood type(血液型)

日本人同士の会話のトピックとして、時々血液型について話すことがあります。それは血液型で性格や相性が読めると思われているからです。(大真面目に思っているわけではなく、トピックの一つ程度ですが。。。) Talking about a one′s blood type is a very popular topic among Japanese people. They like judging someone’s personality by his or her blood type.  A型:几帳面、頑固、礼儀正しい  Type A: Well-organized. Stubborn. Polite.  O型:楽観的、高いリーダーシップ  Type O: Optimistic. Leadership Ability.  B型:わがまま、情熱的、行動的、創造的  Type B: Selfish. Passionate. Active. Creative.  AB型:独特、不思議、芸術的  Type AB: Eccentric. Mysterious. Artistic. あたっていると思いますか? Do you think it works?   According to people around me, it is possible to judge the marriage combability. ■Here is the ranking for best couple. 1: Male Type O with Female Type B 2: Male Type O with Female Type A 3: Male Type A with Female Type O 4: Male Type A with Female Type A …

Have a fan with fun

ふじやま国際学院、オリジナルうちわができました。 Fujiyama’s original fan has just been completed. The box will be reached soon. Wow, I can’t wait for them. The first 10 people to arrive can take a fan. Please visit us.   FUJIYAMA KOKUSAI GAKUIN Fujiyama Japanese Language School