Mr. Redi came to Japan as an internship student from Indonesia, Java Island six years ago. He learned Japanese Language and learned farming in Kiyosato Town, Yamanashi Prefecture. he returned home and started a farm that grows coffee naturally. And Now, He is planning to establish a Coffee School to support the second Radis !

レディ君:  6年前、日本語を学びそして山梨県清里の農園で働く。その後、インドネシアに帰国し、購入した山を開墾し、コーヒー農園を経営する。そして今、自分の後輩を育てるべく「コーヒー学校」設立に向け走り続ける。


Step1: Start learning Japanese Language in Indonesia



Step2: Came to Japan and study Japanese and work at a farm in Japan. 
Step3: Returned home and bought a mountain


Step4: Reclaim the mountain and open his own coffee farm.
Step5: Start export coffee to Japan.
Step6:Seminar on coffee cultivation at Zoom!
While walking on the farm, introducing coffee trees and cherry, talking about the difficulty and fun to make coffee beans and showing the charm of coffee. It was by Zoom, so Many people joined from Japan! Since Redo's coffee beans were sent to the seminar participants in advance, so participants watched his tour while drinking Lady's Coffee.
農園を歩きながら、コーヒーの木や実を紹介しながら、難しさや楽しさについて、またコーヒーの魅力について話し、Zoomなので日本からもたくさん見る! セミナー参加者には事前にレディ君のコーヒーが送られているので、参加者はレディコーヒーを飲みながら見学する。
Step7: Start a coffee tree owner system.
Start a service to be a owner of coffee trees. The harvested coffee bean are delivered to the owner.
It may be popular with coffee lovers living in Japan from now on.
Step8: Now setting up a "coffee school" and teach children how to grow organic coffee. 
This project will encourage to make the second and third Redi!
『 コーヒー学校 』 を作り、子どもにコーヒーの栽培方法を教えるべく活動中。




Fujiyama Japanese Language School
  ◆富士山の麓にある日本語学校 School at the foot of Mt. Fuji
  ◆留学生の日本語クラス Long-Term Program
  ◆短期日本語コース   Short-Term Program