June has a lot of rain nationwide, and this time is called “TSUYU (rainy season)”.


It was raining yesterday in Yamanashi prefecture, where Fujiyama JLS is located, but it is sunny today.
In the “Fujiyama Firm” next to the school, many butterflies were flying on the potato flowers.


There are 47 prefectures in Japan, And here is the quiz!!!
How many days do you think it rains in Akita Prefecture, where is the region of highest rainfall in Japan?


A) Approximately 150 days だいたい150日
B) Approximately 180 days だいたい180日
C) Approximately 220 days だいたい220日


The answer is B! 答えは B !

It rains an average of 177 days a year.
In other words, it will rain about one day for a two- days. So This is why they can produce delicious rice.


Here is the ranking of the rainy days a year.


1st   ・・・Akita   177days   1位  秋田 177日
30th ・・・Tokyo   106days     30位  東京 106日
35th ・・・Kyoto   104days  35位   京都 104日
39th ・・・Osaka   101days    39位   大阪 101日
47th ・・・Yamanashi 82days  47位    山梨  82日


And here is Temperature and precipitation of Our city.


how is it? That is right!
どうですか? そうなのです!
Yamanashi Prefecture, where Fujiyama JLS is, is the most “Place with few rainy days (= Place with many sunny days)” in Japan.
It rains less, so it’s great for growing fruits and you can get lots of delicious fruits. And also It’s a nice place to go out !!



Japan is long from north to south, and is a country with diverse climates, flora and fauna, and interested regional cultures.

I hope that the day, people can move freely, will come soon.


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